PAC Information


The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is the official voice of parents at our school.  Our parent group usually meets on the third or fourth Friday of every month at 8:15 a.m. to share information about PAC plans, learn about school programs, gather ideas from each other and gather input about special PAC projects.  These meetings are casual, friendly and open to ALL PARENTS.  Our PAC elects an executive in June of each year for the following year. 

YOUR involvement can make a huge difference to our students & school success!  If you would like more information about our school PAC or would like to volunteer your time to help at the school or on a special project, please feel free to email your President.

For general information about PAC, go to the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils.


PAC Meetings

All PAC Meetings are usually held in the school library unless otherwise noted. All parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend! Please check the calendar or the dates and times of these meetings.

*Minutes of past meetings can be found below under downloadable files.


To be announced


Parent Advisory Council


President: Jaime Steegstra                          

Vice President: Charlene Gurney-James           

Treasurer: Laurie Carstensen                                   

Secretary: Jacine Brown                                                   

DPAC Rep:  Angela Turner                            



Fundraising Coordinator: Julie Harding

PAC Hot Lunch Coordinator: 

Technology Coordinator: 

Lice Check Coordinator:

Yearbook Coordinator: Nicole Bordigon

Bowls of Hope Coordinator: Mrs. Martina Hans

Spring Fling Coordinator: 

Pancake Brunch Coordinator: 

Cross Country Meet Coordinator:

Sports Day Coordinator:

Beach Day Coordinator: 


Get Involved!  

Our school needs you!  To learn more about vacant positions and how you can help this year, please contact the school.


Information & Announcements

PAC Halloween Party

The PAC is hosting a Halloween Party on Wednesday, October 30th from 5 - 8pm at Cultus Lake Community School. Please find a flyer attached to this email with further information on this event.

In preparing for this party we could use some:

-Volunteers the day of the dance to help decorate, work concession, etc.

- We’d also appreciate any donations of baked goods or help decorating baked-good that the PAC is baking.

Guidelines for a Chilliwack School District Dress Code

We would like your feedback on the most important things we should consider as we review the guidelines for a Chilliwack School District Dress Code. We are using an online platform called ThoughtExchange where you can share your thoughts independently and confidentially, and consider and rate thoughts shared by others. Note that the deadline for the forum is Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

BC Government's Measles Immunization Catch-Up Program for School Aged Children from April to June 2019

The Province is launching a measles immunization catch-up program to help BC families ensure their children are protected from measles. The program will run from April through June 2019. Please see the Measles Campaign Letter to Parents from Fraser Health on the District Website at: