The Cultus Lake Community School Association (CLCSA) is a non-profit organization that coordinates various programs and events that integrate local resources with the neighborhood it serves. CLCSA provides a vehicle for the participation of the local school and community residents in social, educational and recreational activities.

Advantages of CLCSA at Cultus Lake Community School

  •   Increases the use of the local school's facilities
  •   Integrates and coordinates existing public services
  •   Enhances learning through formal and informal activities
  •   Develops the school as a hub of community activities and services
  •   Improves the quality of life in the neighborhood
  •   Reinforces a sense of community

Mission Statement

"Our aim is to improve the quality of life for our community by focusing on the social, educational and recreational needs of families within this community."

Guiding Principles

CLCSA embraces the community education model, which advocates a process for empowering citizens in a community to address local needs in an apolitical manner. It is guided by eleven principles, namely:

  • Inclusiveness - our association and the community school embrace people from all walks of life and we encourage community participation and involvement. "In the interests of inclusiveness within CLCSA's goals and procedures, CLCSA has a policy in place to offer assistance in extenuating circumstances, to promote opportunities for program involvement. Please call the Community School Coordinator, in confidence, to access assistance."
  • Shared Resources - we will utilize the resources of the Cultus Lake community to enhance learning skills development.
  • Lifelong Learning - we believe in the concept of "everyone a learner, everyone a teacher", and that programs and services should be accessible to people of all ages and abilities.
  • Integrated Services - we acknowledge that our strength will be in the development of a positive working relationship with school, public and private agencies, so that we can provide our community with the best programs and services possible.
  • Environmental Awareness - we believe in instilling an environmental ethic by:
    •   Helping to create and preserve appropriate outdoor environments;
    •   Ensuring various environmentally-focused school and community programs and services are available;
    •   Facilitating community access to knowledgeable environmental resource people.
  • Responsiveness - we strive to facilitate and/or provide programs and services that meet the identified needs of the community.
  • Leadership Development - we believe we have a responsibility to foster ownership of the community school by providing opportunities to develop leadership skills and by encouraging people to take on leadership roles and assignments.
  • Sustainability - we recognize that we need to take the initiative to ensure the continuity of programs and resources of the community school.
  • Neighborhood Based Actions - we encourage and support local initiatives to provide programs and services in our community.
  • Safety and Security - we are committed to encouraging community involvement in creating and maintaining a safe, secure environment for our children. We will support and encourage programs, services, and community action aimed at maintaining a safe community.
  • Partners-in-Learning - we will ensure that the Cultus Lake Community School Association does not conflict with or take away from the educational process and needs of Cultus Lake Elementary. Rather, it should enhance the learning environment of the School.