This will be our main source for reading. This resource was used in class and you can access it from any device. If your child does not remember their password or their level feels too easy or hard please send an email. 


Our district has bought a license and you can access it with the link above. Students can explore books to read or listen to online.


Epic books have opened up as a free resource for teachers until June 30th. I have created an account and signed up all students. Parents you should have received an email with your child’s login information. Any issues please contact me.



This resource has weekly boost worksheets that are split up by grade. The worksheets promote reading, writing, and word work. It is free but you do need to create an account


This site has opened up as free until the end of the school year. It provides writing and grammar activities. You do need to sign up for an account. 

Writing Prompts:

This blog offers 300 writing prompts. Once you go to the link, scroll down until you find the prompts. This is great if your child is struggling to think of writing ideas. 




This resource requires a log-in with a parent email. It will give you grade level math activities.


This site has free math games for students. It is organized by grade.


This site has free Math games for students. It is organized by grade.

This resource has weekly boost worksheets that are split up by grade. It is free but you do need to create an account. 

Which one doesn’t belong?:

This site has logic and critical thinking puzzles. Follow the link and pick a theme! Have fun with the family by discussing what one you think doesn’t belong and why. This is a free resource. 

Virtual Manipulatives:

This free site has virtual manipulatives to show student concepts and examples. 




This site is full of a variety of movement activities for students to follow along to. You can even create your own channel, where you can copy and paste your favourite just dance videos, so you do not have to see all the commercials. You do need to create a free account.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

This is a youtube channel that gives you a ton of kid yoga videos. Great way to combine self- regulation and movement.


Youtube is a great resource for a variety of movement breaks. I suggest searching things like yoga kids, zumba kids, or just dance. 



Art Hub for kids: 

This site has a lot of directed drawing / art projects for students to do. It is free with limitations on some videos or you can subscribe for full access. This is a site we used a lot in class for directed drawing. 

Youtube - #MoLunchDoodles:

This is directed drawing with Mo Willems, who writes books such as An Elephant and Piggie and The Pigeon series.



Kids Activity Blog:

This site continues to update with fun resources for kids to do while you are at home. This will give you information on other sites opening up or ideas to be creative. 


Scholastic has partnered with other resources to bring different learning opportunities for families to access at home. Here you can find different resources such as drawing with Dav Pilkey.