Learning at Cultus Lake School

April 5th, 2020

Dear Cultus Lake Families,

I wanted to provide you with an update on the plans for Cultus Lake Community School for the week of April 6th – 10th. As was the case last week, all in class instruction class continues to remains suspended and Cultus Lake School is NOT accessible to students or families (closed to public access). As such, this week we are starting to put systems in place to allow students to learn remotely.

Last week teachers made (or tried to make) contact with all families in our school community. Part of the reason for doing this was to see what needs families had and if students had the resources for remote learning. Based on this information, we are now putting in place plans to support some families as we realize that families have differing levels of access to technology and resources.

What Can Families and Children Expect this Week ?


  • We will be connecting with families who have indicated that they need support in some way. For families who do not have basic learning supplies at home (pencil and paper) we will be reaching out to you early in the week to discuss your needs.
  • All teachers this week will start to provide families with some remote learning opportunities. Teachers will be in contact with parents and students to discuss these opportunities this week. The intent this week is NOT to have full learning opportunities but rather, to get children started on learning. You should expect an increase in learning opportunities starting next week (Tuesday, April 14th).
  • All teachers this week will be holding at least one online learning opportunity using software knows as Microsoft Teams (part of Office 365). This will also help us determine families ability to access and use this resources. Teams can be accessed either on the web or by installing an app on a phone or tablet. Instructions for student email and accessing Office 365 through the school district can be found on the link here. I will send some information out on Monday that families can use as a quick start guide as well.
  • As a staff we will be meeting most days this week to work together to do some planning around remote learning. Later this week (or early next week) teachers will be more fully sharing their plans with parents and families for increase in learning opportunities starting Tuesday, April 14th.
  • While the “school doors” are closed to families and the public, we continue to be available by phone or email. If you have questions please do not hesitate to give me a call at the school between 8:00am – 2:00pm Monday to Friday. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with teachers or myself (wade_gemmell@sd33.bc.ca) by email should you have questions. You can request that we give you a phone call if that is a better means of communication.
  • Please also keep checking both the Chilliwack School District website and Cultus Lake Community School’s website for the latest information.
  • A reminder that this Friday is the Good Friday Holiday (April 10th) so staff will not be available. Monday next week (April 13th) is the Easter Monday Holiday and the school will be closed on that day as well.


Looking Ahead …

  • Parents can expect an increase in the number of learning opportunities for students starting Tuesday, April 14th
  • I’ve had a number of phone calls and questions around accessing personal property at the school. I want parents to know this has not been forgotten. Our first priority has been to ensure that families who had an urgent need of something at the school (eg: Medication, Glasses, etc.) received those items. Our second priority now is to ensure that all families have their basic needs met and have the ability to learn remotely. We will be discussing as a staff this week a plan for returning personal property to students. You can expect to hear more about this early next week.
  • We will be looking at hosting an online PAC meeting in the weeks ahead. We are waiting to have access to the Ministry of Education Zoom license for Zoom to host this.
  • We are looking at putting in place a “share point” where parents can share resources with other parents about doing remote learning at home.

How you can support your children at home with remote learning?

Here are some tips that parents may want to consider as we move to increased opportunities for remote learning at home.

  • Maintain a Routine - It’s helpful to have a consistent routine. Wake up at the same time, get ready for work or school, before settling in and starting tasks.
  • Create a Dedicated Workspace - If possible, create a separate learning/working space, away from distractions such as TV/video games/cell phones.
  • Stay Connected - Students/parents/teachers/staff are encouraged to continue building relationships and community while maintaining physical distancing.
  • Manage Emotional Wellness - Take breaks and practice healthy living behaviours like getting fresh air and going for walks, while maintaining physical distancing.
  • Ask for Help - Students/parents are encouraged to seek support from their teachers and school staff. If teachers do not know they answer they will to seek support from their Principal or District staff.
  • Set realistic expectations - Goal setting is important, but in this unprecedented time, it’s helpful to establish realistic expectations early.


I wanted to share some online resources with parents for you to consider to help you work with your child at home. This list is not intended to be exhaustive but is rather a few suggestions. Should you be looking for something specific please check with your child’s teacher. While they may not have the answer immediately, they have access to staff in the school district who may be able to help.

Activities to do at home: https://sd33.bc.ca/sba

These are web links that have been review by school district staff. This page is on the school district web site.

Student eMails & Office 365: https://sd33.bc.ca/resources

This is a guide to accessing student email accounts and Office 365 through the school district.


Keep Learning: https://www.openschool.bc.ca/keeplearning/

A website from the BC Ministry of Education with suggestions for parents and caregivers to keep their children learning at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you to all the families for your patience and understanding during this time. Please continue to keep safe by washing hands and following social distancing guidelines. We look forward to seeing many families online shortly and look forward to having everyone return to the school in good health when this is all over.


Wade Gemmell


Cultus Lake Community School

Welcome to Cultus Lake Community School

Cultus Lake Community School is a “family-friendly” learning place that is situated only 8 minutes from Vedder Crossing.   

Visit our website often to learn about the School Programs we have to offer and the Extra-Curricular Activities happening. You may also want to check the Calendar for up to date news and events. 

We believe that cooperation and respect are important when working, learning and playing together.  We  hope that our quality school programs will help your child to develop: solid skills and a positive attitude leading to academic excellence; confidence and self-esteem; creative thinking and problem-solving skills and self-reliance and confidence.

Cultus Lake Community School is a great school with much to offer our students and their families:

  •  a school-wide focus on improving students’ literacy and numeracy skills
  •  school successes related to social responsibility
  •  an on-site, licensed care program providing before and afterschool care
  •  a Strong Start Centre for pre-schoolers and their families
  •  a  wide range of special events, spirit days and other activities 
  •  a dedicated Parent Advisory Council


The Chilliwack School District has moved to a centralized, electronic registration system. Our schools no longer accept paper registration forms. This online process provides parents and guardians an option to register their child at any time, even over the summer break. This includes registration for K - 12, French Immersion and out of catchment requests. You will be required to:

1.      Provide a valid email address
2.      Upload a copy of the child’s birth certificate
3.      Upload proof of residency

To register at Cultus Lake Community School or any school in SD33 please click here!

For more information and FAQ, please visit ​SD33 - Registration or email ereg@sd33.bc.ca


Outdoor Place Based Learning Programs

Outdoor place based learning is a key focus and teaching philosophy in our school. Place-based education promotes learning that is local and considers the unique history, environment and culture of Cultus Lake. It recognizes and uses students’ own “place” or immediate schoolyard, neighbourhood, town or community.

Outdoor  and community locations in the local communities of Cultus Lake, Soowhalie and Columbia Valley are used to  provide students with a “hands-on, first hand experience” in learning their curriculum. For more information on our outdoor programs check out the following pages on our website

  1. Nature Kindergarten Program (Information)
  2. Outdoor Place Based Learning Grades 1 - 5


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

School Supplies - Information on school supplies and a list that can be downloaded and printed for your child's grade level can be found here.

Bussing – All students who wish to take the bus to schools in Chilliwack MUST register with our transportation department. For information on bussing click on the link here or call the transportation department at 604 792 – 1255.

Bell Schedule 2019 - 20 – This year our school has a new bell schedule which is as follows:

  • 7:55 a.m.                         Warning Bell
  • 8:00 a.m                          School Starts
  • 9:50 – 10:05a.m.             Recess
  • 11:55 – 12:40p.m.            LUNCH 
  • 1:52 p.m.                          Dismissal

ATTENDANCE MATTERS!!! – We strongly believe, encourage and reward students who are on time and at school on a regular basis !! While we understand that children may be absent from time to time we would ask that you contact us and let us know on these occasions.

Calendar & Upcoming Events – The calendar on this website is a “live” calendar meaning it is updated as soon as we are aware of an event or a change in an event. Keeping checking this calendar for information as well as the Upcoming Events section on the first page of this website for information. Important dates and information will also be published in our monthly newsletters.​


Information & Announcements

PAC Halloween Party

The PAC is hosting a Halloween Party on Wednesday, October 30th from 5 - 8pm at Cultus Lake Community School. Please find a flyer attached to this email with further information on this event.

In preparing for this party we could use some:

-Volunteers the day of the dance to help decorate, work concession, etc.

- We’d also appreciate any donations of baked goods or help decorating baked-good that the PAC is baking.

Guidelines for a Chilliwack School District Dress Code

We would like your feedback on the most important things we should consider as we review the guidelines for a Chilliwack School District Dress Code. We are using an online platform called ThoughtExchange where you can share your thoughts independently and confidentially, and consider and rate thoughts shared by others. Note that the deadline for the forum is Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

BC Government's Measles Immunization Catch-Up Program for School Aged Children from April to June 2019

The Province is launching a measles immunization catch-up program to help BC families ensure their children are protected from measles. The program will run from April through June 2019. Please see the Measles Campaign Letter to Parents from Fraser Health on the District Website at: https://sd33.bc.ca/announcement/bc-governments-measles-immunization-catch-program-school-aged-children-april-june-2019