January 8, 2022 – Return to School Update Letter from The School Superintendent


Welcome to Cultus Lake Community School


Cultus Lake Community School is a “family-friendly” learning place that is situated only 8 minutes from Vedder Crossing.   

Visit our website often to learn about the School Programs we have to offer and the Extra-Curricular Activities happening. You may also want to check the Calendar for up to date news and events. 

We believe that cooperation and respect are important when working, learning and playing together.  We hope that our quality school programs will help your child to develop: solid skills and a positive attitude leading to academic excellence; confidence and self-esteem; creative thinking and problem-solving skills and self-reliance and confidence.

Cultus Lake Community School is a great school with much to offer our students and their families:

  •  a school-wide focus on improving students’ literacy and numeracy skills
  •  school successes related to social responsibility
  •  an on-site, licensed care program providing before and afterschool care
  •  a Strong Start Centre for pre-schoolers and their families
  •  a  wide range of special events, spirit days and other activities 
  •  a dedicated Parent Advisory Council



The Chilliwack School District has moved to a centralized, electronic registration system. Our schools no longer accept paper registration forms. This online process provides parents and guardians an option to register their child at any time, even over the summer break. This includes registration for K - 12, French Immersion and out of catchment requests. You will be required to:

1.      Provide a valid email address
2.      Upload a copy of the child’s birth certificate
3.      Upload proof of residency

To register at Cultus Lake Community School or any school in SD33 please click here!

For more information and FAQ, please visit ​SD33 - Registration or email ereg@sd33.bc.ca



Our Grade 4 students will be participating in the provincial Foundational Skill Assessment again this year. It will be happening between October 12th and November 4th. Please see the FAQ sheet to learn more.


COVID-19 Update

We know that you have been eagerly awaiting news regarding how school is going to be organized and structured.  We also appreciate your patience and understanding as we took some time to ensure that we have a strong Communicable Disease Plan in place for students and staff.  These guidelines have been created based upon the Provincial COVID-19 Communicable Disease Guidelines for K-12 Settings.


Below is some important highlights about our Communicable Disease Plan:

  • Staff and students are to continue to do their own Daily Health Check and should remain home if they are not feeling well.
  • Mask wearing indoors for all K-12 staff, visitors and students in grades 4 and 5, including at their desks and on school buses, unless the person is unable to tolerate wearing the mask for health or behavioural reasons.
  • Mask wearing indoors strongly encouraged for students in Kindergarten to grade 3, but this remains the choice of the student and their family.
  • General cleaning of the premises, and the cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces, will occur at least once in a 24-hour period.
  • Continued focus on rigorous hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
  • Maintain building air ventilation as per standards and specifications for ongoing comfort.


What is different for the 2021-2022 school year:

  • Students will no longer be organized in learning groups/cohorts.
  • Students/staff will not be required to social distance by 2 metres. We will work to implement measures such as respecting others personal space and engage in outside activities and learning as much as possible.
  • A new Communicable Disease Plan will replace our School’s Safety Plan. It will have many similarities to last year’s Safety Plan but will reflect any ongoing measures and additional measures to be implemented as advised by public health.
  • Regional Medical Health Officers will now have the authority to implement additional safety requirements at a regional, district or school level during times of increased community transmission of COVID-19.
  • School gatherings and events will now align with provincial/regional public health recommendations and Orders.
  • School sports; extra-curricular activities & assemblies; theater and dance performances; and staff gatherings and meetings can now occur.


Illness & Self-Assessment

  • A daily health check is a tool to reduce the likelihood of a person with COVID-19 coming to school when they are infectious.
  • Parents and caregivers should assess their children daily for illness before sending them to school. Utilize the provincial K-12 Health Check app for daily assessment of symptoms.
  • If a student, staff or other adult is sick, they must not enter the school.
  • Students, staff or other adults should stay at home when sick, as this is one of the most important ways to reduce the introduction to and the spread of COVID-19 in schools. The following resources provide guidance regarding specific symptoms of illness


    • When a staff, student or another adult can return to school depends on the type of symptoms they experienced (as indicated in the “K-12 Health Check app” and BCCDC “When to get tested for COVID-19” resource), if a COVID-19 test is recommended, and the type of illness they had (e.g. COVID-19 or other illness). See the attached COVID19 Symptoms, Testing & Return to School for more information regarding what to do when experiencing COVID19 symptoms.


Parents/Guardians, we ask that you spend some time going over the K-12 Health Check app.  Collectively to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we need to understand the signs and symptoms.  It is extremely important that when your child is sick, that he/she remains home.  Students showing symptoms while at school will be brought to the school office and parents will be contacted for immediate pick-up.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

School Supplies - Information on school supplies and a list that can be downloaded and printed for your child's grade level can be found here.

Bussing – All students who wish to take the bus to schools in Chilliwack MUST register with our transportation department. For information on bussing click on the link here or call the transportation department at 604 792 – 1255.

ATTENDANCE MATTERS!!! – We strongly believe, encourage and reward students who are on time and at school on a regular basis !! While we understand that children may be absent from time to time we would ask that you contact us and let us know on these occasions.

Calendar & Upcoming Events – The calendar on this website is a “live” calendar meaning it is updated as soon as we are aware of an event or a change in an event. Keeping checking this calendar for information as well as the Upcoming Events section on the first page of this website for information. Important dates and information will also be published in our monthly newsletters.​

Technology Acceptable User Agreement - Please follow and fill out our Chilliwack School District Technology Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA) and Consent Form 2021/2022 – Cultus Lake Community School. This needs to be done or your child will not be able to use our district devices or software.



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