COVID Vaccination Information

As requested by the Ministry of Education, we are sending out the latest information for the vaccinations for children aged 5-11. We will also upload this to our school website. Please note there are many useful and informative links in the message below.


Vaccinations for Children Age 5-11

 Information is now available on the provincial immunization campaign for children ages 5 to 11. Any child between five and 11 years old can receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Parents can register their child in the Get Vaccinated system to be notified of when their child can get vaccinated. The vaccines are free and children do not need BC Care Cards to receive them. Please support families to receive trusted information about vaccines by sharing resources and information from the BC Centre for Disease Controland ImmunizeBC. At School: Kids Boost Immunity provides a comprehensive array of resources to support learning about immunization and vaccines. BCCDC also has a COVID-19 vaccine superhero colouring page and COVID-19 vaccine hero badge

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