Nature Kindergarten at Cultus Lake School

Cultus Lake Community School offers 2 classes of Nature Kindergarten for our youngest students. Our learning is based on students’ interests and their wonders about the natural environment. Students spend time outdoors learning about BC’s Kindergarten Curriculum, using nature and learning through play.

Our students are investigators, communicators and critical thinkers. We consistently go outside all year long in all types of weather (except extreme conditions). Students and their teachers spend each afternoon in the forest and park area next to Cultus Lake Community School. 

Benefits of Nature Kindergarten

  • Improved confidence, social skills, communication, motivation, and concentration.
  • Improved physical stamina, fine and gross motor skills.
  • Positive identity formation for individuals and communities.
  • Environmentally sustainable behaviours and ecological literacy.
  • Healthy and safe risk-taking.
  • Improved creativity and resilience.
  • Increased knowledge of environment, increased frequency of visiting nature within families.
  • Improved academic achievement and self-regulation.
  • Reduces stress and increased patience, self-discipline, capacity for attention, and recovery from mental fatigue
  • Appreciation of the natural environment and the connection to First Peoples and the land

Source: Forest Schools of Canada (2017)


Parents can register their child for our Nature Kindergarten Program online by clicking the link here. Then select Cultus Lake as your first choice of school. You will need to have you child's birth certificate and proof of residence to complete the application.  Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or difficulties.

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Information & Announcements

PAC Halloween Party

The PAC is hosting a Halloween Party on Wednesday, October 30th from 5 - 8pm at Cultus Lake Community School. Please find a flyer attached to this email with further information on this event.

In preparing for this party we could use some:

-Volunteers the day of the dance to help decorate, work concession, etc.

- We’d also appreciate any donations of baked goods or help decorating baked-good that the PAC is baking.

Guidelines for a Chilliwack School District Dress Code

We would like your feedback on the most important things we should consider as we review the guidelines for a Chilliwack School District Dress Code. We are using an online platform called ThoughtExchange where you can share your thoughts independently and confidentially, and consider and rate thoughts shared by others. Note that the deadline for the forum is Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

BC Government's Measles Immunization Catch-Up Program for School Aged Children from April to June 2019

The Province is launching a measles immunization catch-up program to help BC families ensure their children are protected from measles. The program will run from April through June 2019. Please see the Measles Campaign Letter to Parents from Fraser Health on the District Website at: